Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations and Tickets

While most people try to be good drivers, there aren’t many who escape getting a traffic ticket at least once in their lives. While many people respond to a speeding ticket by merely paying the fine, there are often defects to the traffic summons (what we commonly call a traffic ticket) that allow for either a dismissal of the ticket or a reduction of the charge.

This possibility is why it is essential to contact our office immediately after getting a traffic ticket. The Law Office of Matthew K. Tannenbaum is available to guide you through the sometimes intimidating process of disposing of a traffic ticket. Most traffic tickets can be disposed of without an appearance by the driver, saving the client from missing valuable time from work, school or family obligations.

Common New York City Traffic Offenses

While a speeding ticket is the most common traffic violation, several other infractions are more severe and can result in consequences such as raised insurance rates, fines, and even jail time.

If you are pulled over in Suffolk County or Nassau County, some violations are subjective and charged at investigative officer’s discretion, such as reckless driving or following too close.  You can often successfully fight these charges with the right representation.

In addition to speeding other common traffic violations that Attorney Matthew K Tannenbaum deals with include driving while a license is suspended, not yielding to another driver or pedestrian when required, running a red light, or leaving an accident scene. If there are accusations of these types of infractions, Mr. Tannenbaum will look at the specifics of the situation and get your side of the story. There may be situations where your action was justified or at least partially justified, and by reviewing the situation with Mr. Tannenbaum, you may be able to reduce the severity of your consequence. In some instances get the case dismissed.

Suffolk County and Nassau County Driver Responsibility Assessment

In New York State the various traffic violations are rated on a point system, with more severe violations accumulating more points. A driver who accumulates more than six points in 18 months can have their license suspended and be subject to a $300 fine. You will be subject to even higher fines and penalties if you collect additional points due to speeding tickets or other moving violations. It takes 11 points in 18 months to be subject to a license suspension of at least six months. You can receive eleven points in just three speeding tickets.

If the cause of your traffic violation involved alcohol or drug use, or if you refused to take a sobriety test, you will need to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum can help you fight DWI/DUI infractions and will work to limit fines and license suspension time. Mr. Tannenbaum will also work to help keep your auto insurance rates from going too high.

"Whether the traffic violation is big or small, don’t risk higher fines or a longer license suspension than necessary. Attorney Matthew K. Tannenbaum will listen to your case and will draw on his experience to help you achieve the best outcome possible."