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Real Estate

Real Estate


Buying or selling property is a complicated venture.  At the Law Office of Matthew Tannenbaum, we deal with all types of real property transactions.  Whether you are buying or selling your primary residence, a coop, condo, or investment property, Matthew Tannenbaum has over 20-years of experience representing buyers and sellers across Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island



Residential Real Estate in Suffolk and Nassau County

Individual and Family Homes


Matthew Tannenbaum represents buyers and sellers through the process of real estate transactions so they can begin the next phase of their lives.  While every transaction is different, Matthew Tannenbaum’s experience is key to his success and the satisfaction of his clients.  Whether working on a standard sale or a transaction which is part of a foreclosure or short-sale, Matthew Tannenbaum and his team will work to help you get the most out of the buying or selling experience.

Investment Property or New Construction


Matthew Tannenbaum works with investors or companies who buy homes with the intent of making improvements, increasing the value of the house, and reselling. These real estate transactions are subject to different rules and regulations than buying a primary home.

Matthew Tannenbaum is up-to-date with local construction laws and procedures throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County and is ready to assist clients who are building new properties tell sell them on the open market.

Commercial Real Estate New York

Commercial Leasing


Commercial leasing involves detailed contract negotiations between a landlord and the business owner who is renting the space.  Buying commercial real estate and leasing space to other businesses is a complex area of real estate law.

Commercial lease agreements are a very detailed contracts that often neither the landlord nor tenant are entirely sure of what they are agreeing to.  Matthew Tannenbaum takes the time with his clients, so they are aware of their commitment as either the landlord or tenant of a commercial property.  By the time the contract is ready to be signed, our clients are fully aware of the details outlined in the agreement.


In the case of disagreements or questionable provisions in the contract, Matthew Tannenbaum will represent his clients through the negotiations in order to reach a satisfactory agreement.


Purchase of Bank Owned Properties


Purchasing bank owned properties, also known as REOs, at auctions is a great way to get a good value on property.


However, there are many legal details that need the attention of an attorney when these transactions take place. Settling lender contracts and dealing with any liens that may be on the property is essential for a clean sale.

Real Estate Title Litigation

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, there are often complex circumstances to real estate transactions that leave some debate over who should hold the title of the property.  Matthew Tannenbaum has represented clients at the negotiation table and in the courtroom to bring any disputes to successful conclusion all with the goal of getting to the closing table and completing the transaction.

"Mr. Tannenbaum looks closely at the situation and works with his clients and others involved to find the best possible solution."