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Landlord Tenant Issues in Real Estate Deals

Landlord Tenant Issues in Real Estate Deals

Real Estate transactions are almost never straightforward especially when there is an existing tenancy involved. Whether your client is a seller who cannot close until the property is vacant, or your contract requires the buyer to close subject to an existing tenancy it is important that your client be given the right counsel regarding their rights and duties as a landlord and what they can expect if they have to go to Court.

The Law Office of Matthew K. Tannenbaum has successfully prosecuted thousands of summary dispossess proceedings in both Nassau and Suffolk County District Courts. We are adept in post-foreclosure and post REO proceedings as well as nonpayment and holdovers.

We Will Work for You and Your Clients - Added Value without Risk.  Your Clients Remain Your Clients.

Let our office provide you and your clients with the correct information and advice well in advance of a tenancy becoming a threat to your smooth transaction.  Quite often what your client or you, as the attorney, have “heard” about the nightmare of Landlord-Tenant Court is often a myth and has no basis as to what really happens in Court.  Especially when comes to the costs and timeline’s involved in an eviction.

Our office has successfully gained possession for clients in as little as 30 days from start to finish.

You Can Rely on Matthew Tannenbaum and His Experience

While all cases are unique it is important that you and your client can rely on someone they can trust who has the knowledge, experience, and relationships in the local courts to get a positive result all the while preserving your individual relationship with the client.